Many of the Physiotherapists at LifeCare Point Walter have extensive experience working with sporting clubs and managing sports injuries. We also have Physiotherapists with post-graduate training in Sports Physiotherapy.  This means LifeCare is ideally placed to expertly assess your sporting injury and get you back into sport quickly.

Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled in the assessment and diagnosis of both acute sporting injuries and overuse injuries.

Sporting affiliations we currently have and have previously had include:

  • East Fremantle Football Club
  • Palmyra Rugby Club
  • Fremantle CBC Amateur Football Club
  • Melville Amateur Football Club
  • East Fremantle Amateur Football Club
  • Aquinas Reds Hockey Club
  • Coastals Netball

Sports Physiotherapy principles also apply to clients who have injured themselves in day to day activity.  When you see a one of our Physiotherapists, you are getting the best possible care.

In addition to excellent post-injury management, our Physiotherapists are also able to offer injury prevention advice.