Functional Restoration is provided by and WorkFit practitioners at LifeCare Point Walter.

Functional Restoration is the only treatment of proven effectiveness for chronic musculoskeletal injury. Function Restoration is based on the sports medicine approach, involving progressive functional exercise to increase strength and support injured structures. This approach is ideal for those with chronic injury that are not improving with standard methods of treatment.

Our LifeCare Point Walter Functional Restoration program also incorporates specific muscle retraining such as exercise for the core stability muscles of the lower back. A Functional Restoration approach results is a rapid return to pre-injury recreational and work activity.

Functional Restoration also involves learning strategies to help you manage your condition. This enables you to manage your day to day activity to minimise flare ups, whilst maximising recovery.

Chronic injury can result in stress and anxiety about the injury and its impact on the future. Our Functional Restoration program uses cognitive behavioural strategies to assist you in understanding your injury, and reducing stress and anxiety.

For further information on Functional Restoration and Work Conditioning please contact lifecare.